Preparing your home for a Virtual Tour
Preparing your home for a Virtual Tour

Preparing your home for a Virtual Tour

Preparing your home for a Virtual Tour? What is that? Why do I need it?

Technology Backgound

Technology is helpful in so many areas of life, even real estate. Twenty years ago, if someone were moving across the country, they’d have to wait to buy a house until they arrived to start their new life, or they’d have to buy a home without seeing it in person beforehand. Both options would cause extra unwanted stress on top of moving to an unfamiliar place.

It’s safe to say that the coronavirus has upended our lives in more ways than one. And with businesses temporarily shutting down, people asked to stay at home and a virus that is easily passed from person to person, it has certainly changed the real estate industry and the business of buying and selling homes. You’ll notice that we said “changed,” not “stopped.”

Virtual tour technology

Luckily, with the rise of technology, virtual tours are here to save the day! When it comes to creating a virtual tour, don’t panic. I will be there to guide you through the entire process.

The good news is that, now, there are several tools with advanced technology, available that can allow you to stand out among other listings.

Our market is changing. It may not be the same anymore for the next coming months. All this pandemic situation was not expected and just got us all unprepared. Therefore, we need to be resourceful and creative. The market soon will be booming again but meantime, recent technology can be very helpful with buyers being able to experience a location remotely. This means that through a virtual tour, you will be able to visit a place virtually and experience the surrounding even without being there. This will help us tremendously in a market used to international buyers.

During this last couple of weeks, I took the time to learn how to deal with video and how to improve my abilities while our professional photographer is not available. I can also use FaceTime or other apps to give my customers a tour of a house that doesn’t include a virtual tour of the listing. But this article is actually about how to prepare your home for that “video”.

Preparing your home for a Virtual Tour

There are a few ways to prepare your home before filming a virtual tour. Start by turning on all the lights in your home and opening the blinds or window coverings. You’ll need optimal lighting to get the best footage so that I will most likely schedule filming in the morning or late afternoon depending on the location of your property. Take time to clean your house before the virtual tour and remove all clutter and any furniture you don’t want to be seen. I will need your help with a simple staging of your home beforehand so it looks presentable in the video.

The great thing about staging for a virtual tour is you’ll only have to keep it that way for a couple of hours before you can put everything back where it belongs!!

And than what?

Once the virtual tour of your house has been edited, it’ll be ready to show potential buyers. I will show you the final footage and add it to your listing. Anyone interested in taking a virtual tour can easily watch it online to get a good idea of what to expect in person. When you’ve decided it’s time to sell your home, a virtual tour can be a great way to get more people to see it and secure a buyer in less time than a traditional open house. Them wanting to visit means that they probably like how the property looks.

Here is an example https:

And the best is…

Chances are that after they have watched the video if the house matches with what they saw in the tour, then they will probably make a decision or go for negotiations immediately.
As a result, you won’t have to waste away hours opening the doors of your place or showing up for the keys or in giving mildly interested people tours to properties and trying to convince them to buy. That is why I am here to help and that is the major reason is always worth working with a professional real estate agent.

Video tour not only does it give potential buyers a first glimpse, but it also ensures that only people who are seriously considering purchasing your home request a tour or show up to the open house.

Give me a call if you are ready to sell your property.

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