Questions to ask during viewings

Questions to ask during viewings

Buying a house can feel super overwhelming!

You’re making a HUGE financial decision, and sometimes you’ve got about 15 minutes during an open house to decide if you’re going to put in that first offer.

That’s why, when I’m showing my clients around, I always tell them to take their time checking out the place and deciding if it really suits them. While they do that, I’m on a mission to make sure we don’t miss out on asking some really IMPORTANT QUESTIONS like:

Logistics Stuff:

  • Why’s the owner selling?
  • When is the current owner moving out?
  • How long has this place been up for sale?
  • Are there other offers on the table for this place?

    Property Stuff:
  • Did the seller do any big renovations?
  • How old is the heating/cooling stuff? Is it still in good shape?
  • Was there ever a major problem?
  • Is the sewer doing its job?
  • Has there been any water issues or damage?

    Local Stuff:
  • What are the property taxes looking like?
  • What kinda public stuff is around here?
  • How are the schools in this area? (even if you’re not planning on kids, this affects resale!)

    Extra Tip: Don’t let the fancy decorations fool you! Remember, you’re not buying that super cool couch you saw. What you’re really buying are the basics – the foundation, the layout, and the structure.

    Keep this info handy, just in case you’re off to check out some open houses soon. And remember, you can always give me a call or shoot me a text anytime you need help!

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