The Real Deal: What Does a Real Estate Agent Really Cost?

One question that often comes up in the real estate world is how much it costs to work with a Real Estate Consultant and whether it’s a worthwhile investment. Working with real estate agents…It is worth it?! Well, the answer is a resounding YES! </br> First and foremost, if you’re a buyer, here’s some good […]

Picture-Perfect Homes: How to Shine Online!

Did you know? 90% of buyers kick off their home hunt online! 🏡🌐 But more importantly: how can you truly shine online? </br> Yep, that’s right! Your home photos are the superstars of your listing. Why? Because they’re your first chance to wow potential buyers. And hey, who doesn’t want to make a smashing first […]

5 Questions Sellers Have about the Market during the Coronavirus Outbreak Answered

There are so many questions and concerns amid the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak. The real estate market is especially hard hit and sellers are concerned. Real estate at its core is a people business. It relies on person-to-person interaction and the coronavirus necessarily limits this contact. As the spring selling season gets started, home sellers will […]