Cachopo a typical village

Cachopo a typical village

Cachopo is a beautiful Algarvian village, belonging to the municipality of Tavira. Located in the fantastic Serra do Caldeirão is even considered as the most typical village in the Northeast of the Algarve.

This mountain village, situated in a beautiful valley of the Serra do Caldeirão, maintains its rural tradition, producing typical Algarvian products, such as honey, cork and several livestock products, typical of this mountain region.

Cachopo it’s the biggest parish with 197,56Km2 and it’s situated to the North of the city. It’s a very traditional village with about 1000 permanent residents, it remains still very attached to its origins and the touristic resources are not around the corner.

There are several pedestrian routes previously organised from where you have wonderful panoramas, allowing you to know the “other” Algarve of the Barrocal.  It is already away from the golden beaches of the coast, but very close to the patrimonial and traditional excellence of the interior.

For those visiting Cachopo, you can go hiking, visit the Museum Centre of Cachopo, and watch the rich archaeological, natural and cultural heritage and enjoy a good meal in the restaurants.

Living in Cachopo is not for everyone. Although not far from Tavira, it is necessary to have a car and be available to live 25 minutes from Tavira and from any supermarket.

There are several pedestrian tours previously organized, providing amazing landscapes, allowing to get to know the “other” Algarve, near the Alentejo region, far and different from the touristic Algarve of the golden beaches and crystalline waters, yet filled with tradition, heritage and amazing panoramas waiting to be discovered.


Cachopo’s highlights are:

  • the Santo Estevão Mother Church dated from 1535
  • the “Casas Circulares” (Roundhouses) or “Palheiros” (barns), pre-historic stone houses that have been used by farmers
  • the rural Windmills
  • the interesting “Fonte Férrea” that once was the place of election of the Algarve’s rich people for its medicinal waters; nowadays is a leisure place, with a lovely snack park.


If living in the countryside, benefiting from the proximity of nature and enjoying enormous privacy, are part of your must-have list, than Cachopo, a typical village, could be your place of choice to live…:)

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  1. Thank you for adding this valuable information. I had no idea where Cachopo was and I was even considering viewing a property there. OMG. Thanks to you, I will not. I will be giving you a call next week. Teresa and Mark

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