The Real Deal: What Does a Real Estate Agent Really Cost?

One question that often comes up in the real estate world is how much it costs to work with a Real Estate Consultant and whether it’s a worthwhile investment. Working with real estate agents…It is worth it?! Well, the answer is a resounding YES! </br> First and foremost, if you’re a buyer, here’s some good […]

Navigating the Inflation Wave: What It Means for Real Estate Buyers and Sellers

Are you ready to dive into the fascinating world of real estate economics? Buckle up, because we’re about to take you on a thrilling ride through the impact of inflation on the real estate market! As inflation raises the price of construction materials, it’s no surprise that the cost of new properties is on the […]

Picture-Perfect Homes: How to Shine Online!

Did you know? 90% of buyers kick off their home hunt online! 🏡🌐 But more importantly: how can you truly shine online? </br> Yep, that’s right! Your home photos are the superstars of your listing. Why? Because they’re your first chance to wow potential buyers. And hey, who doesn’t want to make a smashing first […]

New Law Affects Local Accommodation Rentals – What You Need to Know

If you’ve bought an apartment and plan to start renting it as Local Accommodation (AL), you need to understand how the new law will impact you. Here’s a simplified summary of what matters most: </br> </br> </br> </br> </br> </br> Despite these changes, the spirit of local accommodation in Portugal remains strong. The country continues […]

Golden Visa: Changes in Portugal’s Residency by Investment Program

The Residency by Investment Authorisations (ARI), commonly known as Golden Visas, will no longer be available for property purchases, real estate rehabilitation, and related aspects such as investment funds or purchasing units in funds. </br> In recent years, Portugal’s Golden Visa program, officially called Autorizações de Residência por Investimento (ARI), has been a popular choice […]

What is My House’s Value?

Want to figure out the right price for your home? You might think you know, but sometimes homeowners overestimate, and that can lead to it taking forever to sell. No worries though! Real estate agents have all kinds of tricks up their sleeves to check out the market in your area and give you a […]

5 Reasons why Buyers don’t like a Home

Ever had that nightmare where your real estate agent is showing your house and you suddenly remember you left something personal lying around? Talk about awkward! But you know what’s even worse? Here are some of the top reasons why potential homebuyers might not fall in love with your home (but don’t worry, these are […]

Questions to ask during viewings

Buying a house can feel super overwhelming!⠀You’re making a HUGE financial decision, and sometimes you’ve got about 15 minutes during an open house to decide if you’re going to put in that first offer.⠀That’s why, when I’m showing my clients around, I always tell them to take their time checking out the place and deciding […]


Residency permit: if you want to stay in Portugal for more than 3 months after your arrival you will need to register as a resident